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jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

Help for Thomas

After the tragic facts around Thomas's passing away, we are awared that he is not resting in peace yet, while the investigations continue through the Italian police department to find out really what happened, his body cant be given back to Germany where his relatives await. The repatriation cost is very expensive, so some friends are making a collection of money to support the family, via Paypal in the forum The Never Ending Pool. Here¡s the link:

The Never ending Pool, for Thomas, with a little help from my friends

The donnation button is on the left side, up in the top page of the thread.

miércoles, 30 de julio de 2008

A words for Thomas

Thomas in Rotterdam with other fans, 2005.

This morning, visiting, as always, the most popular web page about Bob Dylan, Expecting Rain, I was learned about a bad new, Thomas Eckhardt was passed away. He was gone to eternity doing what he loved the most: following Bob Dylan each time he used to go to Europe. Just when he was playing in Italy, a tragic car accident occured. This was two weeks ago. But from my corner here in Lima I wasnt awared but until today, in this cold winter morning of this month.

From his webcam.

I met Thomas via Internet in 2004 as far as I can remember, just when I was surfing through From this time on, we started to exchange emails , mails, postcards, pictures and any new about Bob Dylan Thomas was a real fanatic and he had'nt any doubt in put the backpack on and follow the Master each time when he crossed the sea in his Never Ending Tour, and he wasnt alone, Thomas used to do this with other people who, hypnotized by his music -like him- were the eternal Bob fans, his unconditionals.

Email from him

I used to envy him and dreamed of having the chance to see Dylan even one time. When I did it, in march, I wrote him an email with a link to this blog when I told everything about this experience. From this time I knew less about him. What was about him? is hard to know when thousands of kilometers separate a friend from you and life stuff doesn't allow you to be in touch as much as you wish. And I wasn't awared that Thomas, like a Quijote, was following the Master, once again in his european tour.

This time, however, God has called him to be at his side. I will miss the few lines he used to write (the email above is an exception), and about I complained always, the joy with which he told about each one of his adventures around Bob and his enthusiasm. And the email I wrote him two weeks ago will be not replied and it will remain only these sad words in this little blog remembering.

Rest in peace friend Thomas