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miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2009

R.E.M. in Lima

Spanish version

The title of this post meant for lots of people -and, until the last moment- an impossible. And it was not a lie. Even though some good things had occured (like the reduction of the taxes for musical events and the visit, among others, of a legend like Roger Waters in march 2007) this facts should make make us feel that the miracle would occure, and the skepticals waited the "the tickets will be returned" or "cancelled" announces.

But it happened. The band, leaded by the inmense Michael Stipe rubbed their hands and even announced their presence in an interview that made for a local Tv station weeks before the great day: noviember 14th.

And after that, they started with the South American tour and came to this discret but noisy city of Lima that have not only cumbia or local music lovers. It also knows about the universal genres. 40 thousend people can scream it again if theyre called to José Díaz stadium.

Here there are two videos, one of the another great band like Travis who make us enjoy the show with its melancholic touch; like "Sing" . The other vid, from R.E.M. and one of my favorites "The one I love". Disfrútenlas:


"The one I love"