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lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009

Bob Dylan in Huaraz

Poster of the Dylan event in Huaraz-Peru.

Spanish translation

The title of this post is not wothout a purpose, and for my happiness, it contradicts what I was believing from decades: that only 4 or 5 people were the ones who knew about the music of Bob Dylan here in Lima, and that, with one or two exceptions, the rest of Peru were territories where the work of our great trovadour hasn’t reached to captivate their people, like it did here, with us.

But, as the title says, Dylan will be in Huaraz, in the spirit of the organizers and participants in an event that will celebrate not only his birthday but the issue of Together Through Life. And Café Andino, the very well known restaurant run by Ysabel Meza (new Bob Dylan Club Peru member, to whom I will be pleased to know that day) will be the place where the reunion homage will be. Now, I post the program reserved to the big day, may 24th. All of us are invited.


May 24th 2009

Café Andino, with a lot of enthusiasm and energy is establishing a tradition, to celebrate one year more of life of the great composer, poet, and musician, Bob Dylan.

People who were here last year, enjoyed the experienced of being together children, young and adults, all together because of the music of this great man.

It was a very funny and special night for those ones who were there.

This year we hope the same, and more, and I say more, because, with the last uncle Bob’s issue, we have double reason to celebrate.

Richard Colonia is the man in charge of the musical part. He is a musician with a great history, and founder of the rock band Turmanyé. Richard was born in Huaraz and from his teen years he has played and composed songs against boredom and conformism.

He is still on the road and is singing to human unfairness, nature, to friends who leave home without saying good bye, he has cried in silence for the friends who stayed lost in the mountains; he has broke for illusions who wanted to take his heart out, and for feelings unfinished; enough reasons for he to feel forced to take his guitar this may 24th and breake its cords and scream more than ever Like a Rolling Stone, Knockin´ on Heaves Door, Just Like a Woman, I Want You, One More Cup of Coffee, Mississippi, Rainy Day Women... and other gems from our great prophet.

Another artwork from the Dylan Bash.

Date: may 24th

Hour: 7.30 pm

Place: Café Andino, Lucar y Torre Nº 53, 3rd floor, Huaraz - Perú.

Friends participants:

Sebastian Olaza (14 years): young passionated musician who explores the musical world with his guitar.

Adam Benway (7 years):Last year he surprised us singing Blowin' in the Wind. He continues with his classes of violin and guitar.

Connor Lamphier (Canada): he has lived the last months near the mountains, taking care of the greenhouse Lazy Dog Inn… and in the meantime he plays his guitar.

Jake DeBerry: Café Andino’s friend and volunteer of the Peace Corp.

Special Invited:

Wayne Lamphier


Ysa (in love with Bob J), Chris, A.C. & Dylan : Owners of Café Andino.

Tito Olaza, owner of the hostel OLAZAS B&B, he collaborates with the design of the T-shirts and posters.

Richard Colonia, founder of the band Turmanyé and in charge of the musical coordination.

By: Julio Olaza

Good rock –n- Roll fan and expert in bycicle- tours in the Cordillera Blanca y Cordillera Negra.

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