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lunes, 18 de agosto de 2008

Soul songwriter Isaac Hayes dies

Spanish version

Once of the big voices of the soul has gone. Isaac Hayes whose baritone voice and enchantement was an important influence in the american music from the 70's on, was found dead in his home in Memphis, Tennesee.

His life was full of happy and desperated stories, however, his talent wrapped all, and, with the years accuired and an enough artistic maturity reached with them, he became the top voice of Stax Records, the music company who spreaded soul, funky and R&B, rythms, ignored for the "white" radio stations in the early times.

Otis Reading, Sam & Dave, Booker T & The MG's, The Staples, John Taylor are some of the names who are known below this company but, among all of them, Hayes used to shine with all his splendor.

For those one who don't know who is him even with these dates above, we can point iut also that Hayes was the voice for "Chef" the character in the irreverent cartoon South Park.

Here, in our Dylan window, as a sort of homage, we publish a video of the song that Hayes composed for the movie Shaft, with whom he would win an Academy Award for Best Song.

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