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lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2008

The Scorsese's Rolling Stone

Scorsese and the Stones. (*)

It is not a secret to anyone that one album of The Rolling Stones will be always near Martin Scorsese's stereo, and in his CD case, some of them (or all) will have a preferent place. If not, you can wonder how many times it is possible to hear "Guimme Shelter" in his movies (for example in Casino or in Goodfellas).

And his golden dream of catching in the ecran the magic that these four long-heired men have spreaded on stages, was done where they accepted to be part of Shine a Light, a documentary, or a silent work under the shadows of the musicians, who over, behind the stage, or in the studio, get naked, nearly unexpectedly. The Beacon Theatre in Manhattan is the place where all the power of the band concentrated, in two prerformances that they gave, together with guests like Buddy Guy and Jack White, and not to forget Christina Aguilera. All this to point out the importance and, after all, the permanence that these rebels of the humid and vibrant tonge have through generations.

And, this rockumentary is on theathers now. So, let's not miss it and enjoy that movie, because with the music of the Stones and the touch of Scorsese, the quality is guaranteed.

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