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lunes, 21 de enero de 2008

The Ignored Peru

Errased from the artistic and musical map, here it is a resumé about who pass only next to us

Carla Vanessa

For a reason or another, or maybe for the same reason (we are not business place for big artists) Peru is always outside of the cultural map of the world. When an important singer or band looks to South America to plan a visit, they only see Mexico, Argentina, Brasil and sometimes Chile, like possible places to perform. Curiously the countries who form the Andian region are put aside.

Here is a list of artist / groups who have come only nex to Peru. Maybe you, dear readers, can complete it:

U2 (and with an embarrassing story ; the showed in their big screens, in a concert in Buenos Aires, a list with all south American countries, with their flags and all, except Peru)

Paul Mc Cartney
Rod Stewart (he cancelled at last minute)
Michael Jackson (personally i hate his music but I include him because he represent the pop music and culture of the 80s – also cancelled at last minute)The Rolling Stones
Bob Dylan (He came to Chile in a anti – Pinochet concert in 1993, in a Rolling Stone tour as invited artist in Buenos Aires, 1998m and If my memory doesn’t fail me, performed in a Rock in Rio concert).

And more names will follow….

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Marisol dijo...

El debut de Dylan en Chile fue en abril de 1998 (Teatro Monumental, hoy Caupolicán). Existe un mito de un acto suyo contra Pinochet, pero es una confusión con un festival organizado en NYC por Phil Ochs, y en el que Dylan apareció muy brevemente. Su visita del 11 de marzo será, por lo tanto, la segunda al país.