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miércoles, 23 de enero de 2008

Petition letter

This is a petition letter that we have spreading among our contact lists. It is necessary that we can disseminate it as much as we can. The list of poeple who have joint our project is also included in this post. We will join forces and wil attract the attention of the media if we collect more signatures.

PETITION: Bob Dylan in Peru – South American tour 2008

This letter pretend to spread a blog that reflects a petitory for Bob Dylan to come to Peru.

Bob Dylan in Peru

(Spanish version) Bob Dylan en Peru

As it is known, Bob will be on tour next february and Peru is one of the countries not included (as always) in the list of countries that will luckily will have the Master in their stages. Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, Chile y México have already confirmed shows.

I know that who write this is a Dylan fan but I think that, achieving this goal through a blog, goes on besides a personal dream. If a big singer, band, painter or sport player with worldwide recognition thinks in doing a Latin American tour, the same countries will be the first ones in have him among them.

Peru is outside of the World cultural map from decades. With some great exceptions (Roger Waters, Yes, to mention some of them) always, who have visited us are outdated groups and out of routine. And not to say about those one-album-artists that sound so loud in poor radio stations, or that ones who issue one fashionable song that people will forget soon, but here will be always well received. They always get a place in our stages.

We have to change the story and to do something important that set our country in the Worldwide panorama. Let’s erase, through this Project, the idea they have about us like a delayed banana-country whose people lives inside ourselves running behind their own tails.

The blog is oponed and who wants to write about this topic can send me to my mails their reports, articles, chronicles, comment, Photo or videos and I will upload on it with its respective signature.

Also you can send me your complete name and location to make the signature list that will be distributed among the media to pay their attention about this cause (with copy to your contacts and to me).

My emails:

You can click in the “Demand it” button-link (at the bottom of the blog) where I have booked my asking and maybe through this way we can collect more signatures. And, if you disagree with this purpose, please only spread this request among your contacts.

Thanks for your time and hope your help


Carla Vanessa
Bob Dylan Club Peru
BOb Dylan en Peru

Signature list

Hildebrando Perez - Lima
Christopher Rollason - Metz, Francia
Nancy Castro - Lima
Vladimir Terán - Lima
Carla Vanessa - Lima
Dennis Dávila - Lima
José Gaillard - Lima
Martin Santivañez Lima
Iván Barrionuevo - Lima
Guillermo Ramírez - Lima
Renato Odar- Lima
Javier Jaramillo - Lima
Miguel Avalos - Lima
Olga Infantes - Lima
Rosalyn Polanco - Lima
Oliver Batz-Alemania
Quique Max - USA
Omar Becerra - Lima
Yris Aréstegui - Lima
Gian Carlo Mantilla - Lima
Bernardi Bringas
Paul Saavedra -Lima
Sandro Medina - Lima
Maria Del Carmen de De Gorbitz
Luis Alberto De Gobitz
Karl Erik Andersen - Noruega
Thomas Eckhardt - Alemania
Livio Pastorino - Lima
Javier Rubio del Valle - Lima
Alberto Vásquez Encalada - Lima

PD: plus 21 people who visited the Demand it page.

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