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lunes, 21 de enero de 2008

Why Peru can’t have Bob Dylan in concert?

Iván Barrionuevo L.

Bob Dylan the great american songwiter has trascended the limits of the music. Nominated to the Nobel Prize of Literature and winner of Principe de Asturias Prize, Dylan has mixed song and poetry in a masterpiece that determinate the sentimental education of millions of people. Also he has been a reflex of a spirit of an era that looks for the answers in the wind.

Dylan is not only a musician and songwirte but a poet and writer and his lyrics became in a catalyzer of the social concerns of America in the 60s and was crownded as one of the referents of the pop culture in the last fifty years.

Bob Dylan will start a south American tour and Peru can’t miss that chance. The fans of Bob Dylan in Peru are more than thousands of people. The point is that, this people have a good cultural formation, lots of them are opinión leaders and selective with their musical choices.I t’s true that Bob Dylan is not a massive artist here, but he can gather a lot of people who will be ready to pay even to hear some words from him. Let’s not forget that he is a living legend of the folk rock.

We won’t have another Dylan and maybe Peru won’t have another chance to have him in our stages, singing and playing his wonderful lyrics: God hear to us and bring us the great Bob


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